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Pre-SIHH 2018: Cartier Introduces a Pair of Mysterious High Complications Replica Buyers Guide

Inside this aBlogtoWatch attribute, we analyze various brands through the lens of the most inexpensive model. Having looked at the entry offerings of Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and Hublot… now, a name renowned even far outside the world of watches: Cartier. And none aside from the legendary Tank, in the form of this Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic, represents the most affordable mechanical men’s watch Cartier offers, at approximately US$3,500. The issue is, however, what you get together with the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic and how well it represents the brand.We don’t have to inform you that Cartier is among the planet’s most well-known luxury brands. While I love to approach this show as a brand study rather than as how to buy into a prestigious title for the least amount of money potential… Cartier’s prestige and recognizability are a massive attraction for a fantastic many individuals around the world. Cartier has attained a remarkably cohesive identity and consistency across a vast assortment of goods, but where does the Cartier Tank Solo XL fit into this? In this guide, we wish to check at what the Cartier Tank Solo XL offers concerning value, history, horological interest, style, and that more vague quality that is Cartier essence. The Cartier Tank turning 100 years old in 2017 makes it timely to revisit its story that is a huge part of the watch we’re looking at today.Founded at Paris, France, by Louis-François Cartier at 1847, Cartier as a company is going to be 170 years old in 2017, but is no more a tiny family-run jeweler, of course. The 3 grandsons of the founder were Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, and together they oversaw Cartier’s expansion to become a globally recognized name – Louis being the very central to our story. The next Cartier generation, the kids of those 3 brothers, sold the company in the 1970s into an investor group. And finally in 2012, Cartier joined the Richemont Group in which it resides today among illustrious colleagues of haute horlogerie.
An essential development was the automated 1904MC caliber that premiered in 2011. A thin automated caliber with 48 hours of power reserve, including the time with a subsidiary seconds dial @ 6 along with a date complication. Cartier Watches For Sale Price Replica made certain that it had sufficient differences in comparison to most of the foundation movements provided by ETA. The ‘Calibre de Cartier’ was the very first watch that was powered with the 1904MC, but shortly after Cartier started the use the caliber as the foundation for a variety of Chronographs and Perpetual Calendar calibers.The brand new Calibre Diver, which was launched this past year, is also powered with the 1904MC. It is the first diver watch for Cartier and can be, believe it or not, the weakest Diver in the world. To get a diver watch that’s quite flat, compared to for instance — the renowned Rolex Submariner which has a height of 12,5mm or the Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea that measures 17,68mm. The sapphire crystal that is 1.2mm thicker than that of the standard ‘Calibre de Cartier’ version, makes certain it may withstand the water resistance of 300m, that’s just like the Submariner and greater than the 100m water resistance of Panerai models in the exact same cost category.A watch that directly required benefit from the technology of this ID-ONE is the Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal that has been presented in 2013, at a limited edition of 50 pieces. This fresh ‘Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal’ was released at a Niobium titanium case, a lightweight and non-magnetic metal, that resists corrosion, scratches and shocks also it has the carbon escapement of this ID-ONE. This view is the Worlds first escapement adjustment-free and lubrication free tourbillon. If support on the motion can now be reduced to (almost) none, the sky is going to be the limit for the upcoming creation of Cartier’s tourbillon models.

While Cartier has recently placed its bets on more affordable classics like the steel Tank Americaine, the jeweller is still growing its Fine Watchmaking collection, albeit more selectively. In the lead-up to SIHH 2018, Cartier has unveiled two “mysterious” complicated watches: the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon and the Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Day & Night.

Both draw inspiration from its early 20th century mystery clocks produced in collaboration with Maurice Couët, which had hands mounted on sapphire discs, leaving them seemingly disconnected from the clock movement. And like much of the rest of Cartier’s complicated watches, the movements are the brainchild of Carole Forestier, the talented head of development at Cartier’s Swiss watch headquarters.

The Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon Watch is the open-worked version of a watch unveiled in 2013, which has a double axis tourbillon rotating in an oculus without any visible support.

Lens Position: 4015

Just like Cartier’s original mystery clocks, the Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon operates on same principle of a sapphire disc fitted with a toothed rim that meshes with the gears of the movement, hidden within the chapter ring of the dial. The tourbillon cage itself makes one revolution per minute while the sapphire disc, on which the cage is mounted, rotates once every five minutes – hence the double axes.

It’s powered by Cartier’s in-house cal. 9465MC, a hand-wound calibre with a 52-hour power reserve. The movement’s bridges have been skeletonised to form the shape of outsized Roman numerals, a signature design flourish of Cartier’s high-end timepieces, offering a glimpse of its mysterious gear work and amplifying the airiness of the whole watch.

Limited to 30 pieces, the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon has a platinum case that measures 45mm and bears the Poinçon de Genève hallmark. It will be priced at US$216,000.

Less complicated but more whimsical, the Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Day & Night combines a “mysterious” movement with a day and night indicator.


With the dial split in two halves horizontally – hours above and minutes below – it features a radial guilloche centre surrounded by a brown satin sunburst chapter ring.

Inspired by Cartier’s comet clocks of the 1920s, the hour indicator is a clear sapphire disc with a Sun and Moon, each pointing to the current hour during day and night time respectively.

Minutes are indicated with a blued steel sword-shaped, retrograde hand that travels from zero to “60” before jumping back to its origin and starting over.

Available in white or pink gold, the case measures 40mm in diameter.  The Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Day & Night is powered by the newly developed, in-house cal. 9982 MC. It’s hand-wound, being made up  of 174 components, and offers a 48-hour power reserve. The price tag will be US$63,000.


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