Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY Watch Releases
Franck Muller

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Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY Watch Releases

Someday I Want to hear the real story of Franck Muller’s background for a watch brand. As a timepiece maker it is a fascinating company that has achieved a great deal and gained a laudable quantity of popularity to get a high-end exclusive watch maker. Having said that, the Franck Muller team has certainly had its number of downs and ups from acute economic woes to quasi-scandals. The brand was admired as helping to deliver the luxurious watch into new regions of culture with innovative marketing and some very unique watches (such as the Crazy Hour), but in the same time have a small struggle in certain sectors where they are beating a reputation for quality issues. Oh, to maintain the high-end watch business!The Franck Muller of today is much more controlled and easy which its former self. While the atmosphere of avant garde still stays, as a new they’ve merged and are attempting to focus on what really works for them. A couple of months ago the rumor of a new entry-level in-house movement hinted at the upcoming release of those Vintage Curvex 7-Days Power Reserve versions. And here they are. Fresh from Geneva with this iconic Curvex (that most men and women call tonneau) shaped case and a new long-power reserve movement.The models seen are only the gold versions, they’ll be offered in steel also. The press release from Franck Muller focused almost entirely on the motion rather than the watches themselves. I truly hate when that occurs, as it makes it harder to tell people exactly what they are going to have the ability to purchase. What is with all the cloak and dagger approach Franck Muller? Having said that I’m pretty certain that the watches are going to be from the 35.90mm wide x 50.30mm tall versions of this Curvex case… or something really close. I need to mention that Franck Muller (for me) is the brand which made tonneau-shaped cases appear wearable. Before Franck Muller, I believed this manner of case only looked good on the wrists of guys with extremely plump palms who often smoke cigars.

Franck Muller, the always interesting and sometimes over-the-top Swiss watchmaker has produced a one-of-a-kind timepiece apparently for Korean musical artist PSY. Depicting PSY doing his more than well-known horse riding dance right on the dial, the likely 18k white gold or platinum watch is full pave covered with diamonds. Black diamonds are used to fill in the large Roman numerals and the image of PSY dancing is likely hand painted.

Franck Muller Custom Oppa Gangnam Style Watch For PSY Watch Releases

The watch image was shared direct from a Franck Muller insider so for sure it is a legit piece for the pop superstar. PSY’s famous Gangnam Style music video on YouTube (as of this article) has over 1.5 billion views. I suppose it was about time to treat himself (or perhaps it is a gift to PSY).

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