Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690
Panerai Radiomir 1940

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When wearing a Panerai watch without their signature crown guard, I always wonder, “do you wish this watch had that signature attribute?” That massive crown-guard using its folding lever is this essential part of Panerai layout it appears strange to wear a Panerai with no. Honestly, while I like the crescent crown shield, I do not believe all watches need it. For that reason, I am such a lover of this Radiomir-style instance, at the PAM514 I think it could detract from the design.Attached into the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Homage Replica 3 Days see is a shameful distressed-style leather strap with some contrast stitching. I believe that Panerai might provide a couple of strap options, but I did enjoy this one. Panerai tends to make watches that look great on a variety of straps, so in the event that you have a Panerai, I recommend you experiment with a wide selection of colors and materials for your strap.If you’re willing to finish your watch frequently or favor a manually-wound watch, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days PAM514 would earn a solid everyday wear, assuming you like the idea of wearing such a large watch on a regular basis. Massive watches are fun, and I like them, but I really do find myself needing a smaller 42mm dimensions when I don’t want to consider the watch on my wrist. One thing I will say concerning Panerai is that their watches aren’t things you forget in your wrist. They are big, daring, and sometimes heavy. They strive to remind one that “that a Panerai is strapped to you!” – true many men and women appear to enjoy.With so many options and new choices coming each year, it’s difficult to choose which Panerai is right for you. It would be tough to consider a complete watch collection without at least one Panerai inside at some point. With sufficient disposable income I think that the PAM514 are a nice addition to a set due to its thinner profile and daring size. Though, for a daily wear, I would like something with a automatic movement and possibly a little smaller – although I really do love the simple yet beneficial dial. Retail cost for the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days PAM514 see is $8,800.
The funny thing about many of the different Panerai case styles is that they wear otherwise and cannot be judged with the dimensions independently. As an example, a 44mm wide Luminor 1950 case will wear bigger than this 47mm wide Radiomir 1940 case. Why? Well a significant reason has to do with the relatively flat caseback. The display caseback window on the PAM514 is slim and allows for your eye to sit with a much lower profile than some of Panerai’s taller fare.So while this Panerai watch is wide, it’s also thinner than you might expect, making for an extremely comfortable fit. I think this style case in a 44mm size would be perfect for my wrist, and Panerai is probably planning one or has likely already produced something very similar. I also like that the exact well-polished steel case which goes together with the look nicely. Panerai also generated an 18k rose gold version of the Radiomir 1940 3 Days, also called the PAM515.I usually don’t discuss watch crowns, but in this case I am going to mention it since Panerai created a particularly nice. Unscrew the crown, and you’re going to understand that the stem is very thick and feels very secure. It is tough to explain it, but I just wanted to mention I was pleasantly surprised by the crown. Though Panerai applies an anti-reflective coating, there is going to be a good deal of glare. Given that the simple dial and prominent hands and hour mark it does not seriously impact legibility, but it is region of the Panerai ownership expertise.
Panerai is being introduced to the society. The brand, until now associated mainly with bulky sports watches, has added a more casual model to the collection, which I had a joy to review.Thinking about last Christmas makes me smile. I got the first “present” quite early in December, obtained for testing purposes, PAM 512 was a true treat to my eyes and my wrist for more than three weeks undeniably making other gifts insignificant and causing them to wind up in the watch winder. Until now the manufacturer pleased us with hefty, macho-style tickers fitting Sylvester Stallone’s or Jason Statham’s image, but this time it decided to target buyers with much more timeless taste. The PAM 512, equipped with comparatively (as for this brand) little P.999 movement and 42mm instance can easily be along with elegant outfits and become a businessman’s watch.The Radiomir line of PAMs is named after the luminous substance applied to the dial and hands, after one of its ingredients to be exact — Radium, found by Marie Curie. Regardless of its radioactivity, Radium was used in Italian producer’s watches as the 1950s. It seemed to glow during the afternoon, getting even more visible during the night, of course. Such feature found its application in the military making it an important part of soldier’s equipment, particularly sailors. Luminous material from the Pamerai Luminor, made a while later featured Tritium — the component, whose half-life interval is 12 years.The first Radiomirs were driven by Rolex movements, with whom Panerai cooperated closely at the moment. Pieces from 1938 made for Italian Navy featured 47mm wide cases with lugs welded to it and a screw-in crown. In 1940s, the wired lugs were substituted with a different layout, known from recent models, which in combination with a cushion-shaped case inspired the Radiomir 1940 collection, such as the reviewed unit.
It was a please to use the reviewed unit for almost a month, and this was enough time to get used to it. In my opinion 512 is an adequate timekeeper and for myself to be sports watches lover I enjoy it for the casual personality with a bit of aggressiveness. But it doesn’t change the fact that if somebody offered me a swap to get a Luminor (PAM 312 for example), I would not hesitate.Of course, I also have some objections to the analyzed PAM, by no means into the whole article, or the design, but also to the quality of one of the palms. Perhaps it’s due the fact that this really is a pre-order, but at the picture below (I am accountable for the quality) it could be seen, if looked at a certain angle that the minute hand’s inner edge is twisted in a short period. In the event of a watch for this price, the quality control department should have spotted this. This was marginally spoiling the joy of spending some time with PAM.There’s something concerning the Italians that brings an almost religious following. Take Ferrari’s Tifosi by way of an example; their devotion to the supercar producer could make even the Pope feel somewhat unloved. The same phenomenon is seen with Officine Panerai along with the Paneristi. They’re nothing short of the highest order of Panerai fanatics, committed to the brand with loyal allegiance.But we are not all Paneristi – or Tifosi for that matter – and that raises a question: does Panerai make watches that everyone wants, or only the ones the Paneristi desire? Historically, the Paneristi have lapped up chains which leave the typical watch buyer cold, and the common theme tends to be dimensions. Panerai aren’t noted for creating small, discreet watches – if anything, their watches appear to be getting larger.
It wasn’t till 1935 that the Italian Navy commissioned the first sailors watch out of Panerai and in 1936 the company (at the time called Guido Panerai & Figlio) produced the first prototype of a diver’s watch for a professional unit known as ‘The Control of the 1st Submersible Group of the Navy’. The delivery of the initial ten commissioned dip watches in 1938 resulted in Panerai becoming the official watch provider to the Italian Navy, although credit ought to be afforded to Rolex for the moves in these ancient pieces. In 1940, several improvements to the Radiomir were required to satisfy the standards required by the Navy, mainly in strength and water resistance. Today’s Radiomir 1940 retains many of the original design cues, but the decades of refinement in substance finish and motion design have led to a truly magnificent modern timepiece that, despite its diving credentials, provides sophistication and sophistication.Panerai stands out as being a new synonymous with cushion shaped cases. The case execution of this Radiomir 1940 is first class. Fashioned in the brands own AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) 316L, it is a highly-polished steel-alloy situation with anti-corrosive and hypoallergenic properties. A monobloc case arrangement means the lugs are part of the main case as opposed to the cable lugs utilized in early designs. This enriches the retina’s eye appearance and masculinity of the timepiece. From a side on view, the traces of this lugs follow the exquisite arc of this case.
When wearing a Panerai watch with no signature crown guard, I wonder, “do you wish this opinion had that signature feature?” That large crown-guard using its own folding lever is this integral part of Panerai design it appears odd to wear a Panerai with no. Frankly, while I enjoy the crescent crown guard, I don’t believe all watches need it. Because of this, I’m such a fan of this Radiomir-style instance, at the PAM514 I think it could detract from the design.Attached into the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days watch is a shameful distressed-style leather strap with a few contrast stitching. I believe that Panerai might provide a few strap choices, but I did like this one. Panerai will make watches that look great on a variety of straps, so in the event that you’ve got a a Panerai, I urge you experiment with a diverse selection of shades and materials for your strap.If you’re eager to wind your watch regularly or prefer a manually-wound watch, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days PAM514 would make a solid daily wear, assuming you like the notion of wearing such a large watch on a regular basis. Massive watches are fun, and that I like them, but I do find myself wanting a smaller 42mm size when I don’t wish to consider the watch on my wrist. 1 thing I can say concerning Panerai is their watches are not things you overlook in your wrist. They’re big, bold, and sometimes heavy. – a fact a lot of people appear to enjoy.With so many choices and new options coming annually, it is difficult to choose which Panerai is right for you. It would be hard to consider a comprehensive watch set without at least one Panerai inside at any stage. With sufficient disposable income I think the PAM514 would be a wonderful addition to a collection due to its thinner profile and daring size. Though, for a daily wear, I would like something with a automatic motion and perhaps a bit bigger – though I do adore the simple yet useful dial. Retail price for the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days PAM514 see is $8,800.
47mm broad and fairly? This must be a Panerai. I have been spending a lot more time together with Panerai over the last few months. It’s a brand which has not gotten a lot of my attention in a couple of years. Why? Well let’s face it, even Panerai fans will agree that in several cases, if you are acquainted with some Panerai watches, you’re familiar with the majority of them. Panerai has a few set case styles and a couple of set dial styles with a lot of mixing and matching and slight tweaks. On the “un-initiated” those tweaks are simply that, to the initiated, however, those tweaks could be match changers.A good case in point is the instance used by Panerai for your PAM514. Called the Radiomir 1940, the instance is really a mixture of design components from the Radiomir and the Luminor. Some may call it a historically-influenced transitional case from Panerai’s background – which would be accurate, but in many ways it is a fantastic way to unite a little bit of love for the Radiomir and Luminor instances in a distinct design. So yes, these are layout tweaks, however in most cases I like to believe that Panerai is working hard to design the perfect Panerai for each different flavor of consumer flavor out there.When Panerai published the PAM514 at 2013, they also released a sister model, known as the PAM512. What is the difference between both? These two are Radiomir 1940 watches but the PAM512 comes at a 42mm broad case with another motion (and no date). The PAM514 is 47mm wide with Panerai’s in-house made P.3000 manually wound movement – a mechanism that is rather attractive visually through the expansive sapphire crystal caseback window.
On a black or brown strap this would immediately resemble a traditional military-inspired Panerai, and a watch for guys, but this mix is more slanted towards the feminine clientele. Exactly the exact same dimensions but more manly is that the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Oro Rosso 42mm PAM575 in crimson gold. This is also 42mm in diameter, but the combination of a red gold case, black dial and black strap provide it a strong contrast. In 42mm both watches are modest by Panerai standards, but sizeable enough compared to everything else. Both the PAM574 and PAM575 are not quite typical Panerai watches, yet they aren’t completely the watches they appear to wish to be, which begs the question why? The obvious answer would be to expand the appeal of their brand, to bring in those people who do not need a massive wristwatch that looks like it’s going to war. The brand new calibre P.1000 Aesthetics aside, both watches are powered by the P.1000, a new movement that is an upgrade over the P.999 it simplifies. Hand-wound movement with a three day power reserve, the P.1000 is completed in a manner typical of Panerai movements, with straight brushed finish on the bridges as well as glistening, diamond-cut bevels. Large apertures are cut into the three-quarter bridge to show part of the equipment train, giving it a visual appeal.

Part of a recently unveiled quartet of limited editions with metallic blue dials, the Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days (PAM00690) is essentially a more elaborate Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare (PAM587). Instead of the traditional military-style black dial, the new Radiomir 1940 has a bright blue dial with gilded hands.

Distinctly more modern and glossy than the usual Panerai, the Radiomir 1940 PAM690 is not a Panerai for traditionalists. But it is in keeping with the brand’s evolution from remakes of military watches towards timepieces sporting a civilian-friendly look, with the extra-thin Luminor Due being a case in point. Given Panerai’s track record, if the metallic blue shade is a hit, expect many more in the same colour next year.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690 - 4

The dial is rich blue with a sun ray-brushed finish, and typically for a Panerai, features a sandwich construction. That means the upper blue dial plate sits on a lower dial plate painted with Super-Luminova, leaving the luminous paint to glow through cut-outs for the hour markers. And the Super-Luminova is ecru, a beige colour that approximates the look of aged radium found on vintage Panerai (the Radiomir moniker comes from the word “radium”).

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690 - 6

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690 - 5

The case is stainless steel and 47mm in diameter, fitted with a domed sapphire crystal. The display back reveals the P.3000 movement that is Panerai’s interpretation of the pocket watch movements found in vintage Panerai watches. It’s the same calibre found in most hand-wound, 47mm Panerai watches, including last year’s Luminor 1950 Titanio DLC.

The P.3000 is a big, 16 1/2 ligne (about 37mm) movement with a largish balance wheel that’s hand-wound with a three day power reserve. Notably, it’s the first generation P.3000 with a single bridge for the gear train, and not the second generation with separate bridges that made its debut on the “tropical” dial PAM662 and PAM663.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial PAM690 - 3

The Radiomir 1940 PAM690 is fitted to an Assolutamente strap in tan, made of a cowhide treated to quickly develop a patina, meaning it will darken rapidly with use. And like all the other watches in the blue dial series, the PAM690 is presented in a cherry wood box lacquered a dark blue.

Pricing and availability 

The Radiomir 1940 PAM690 is a “Special Edition”, which is Panerai lingo for a limited edition – 500 will be made. It’s available only at Panerai boutiques, the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio PAM00690 is priced at US$8900 or S$13,100.

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