Full Gold Rolex Replicas – The Thin Line Between Class And Crass

Rolex replicas and gold… how much do these have in common? It seems quite a lot if you ask your average Joe. Of course, that’s understandable. I’m sure you’ve all watched movies or music videos where, at some point, you see a gold Rolex watch on someone’s wrist. There are actually countless examples that made Rolex and gold stick so well together in pop culture. But here’s the question… Is a gold watch a sign of sophistication or just plain old poor taste? Or better yet, how do most people perceive you when you’re wearing such a piece?

What's your take on Gold Rolex Replicas

Full Gold Rolex Replicas – Thoughts

Although you can find a lot of fake watches in full gold (let’s be clear here, full gold means fully gold plated), either rose gold or yellow gold, like APs or Pateks to name a couple, Rolex replicas are most often associated with this precious metal (plating).

What I’ve noticed over the years, and this may seem odd to some, is that gold Rolex replicas get a lot more credit from the replica fans than genuine gold Rolexes get from watch lovers. Obviously, to someone oblivious, they look the same. In the rep world, while it will still be regarded as being somewhat flashy, a gold Rollie is going to be admired. Ultimately, most people who buy fakes buy them to project a certain… successful image. In no way am I judging, but those who buy a simple, Rolex Submariner black ceramic tachymeter black dial or a fake Milgauss because they can’t afford the real deal and they simply love the model, those who are way too worried about being called out, are a minority. These people read any Rolex review they can get their hands on just to make sure of that.

And like I said, in pop culture, gold watches don’t get much love because they’re associated with all kinds of shady characters who use them to ostentatiously display (undeserved) wealth. Two movies come to mind – Glengarry Glen Ross and Goodfellas. If I remember correctly, both Alec Baldwin and Ray Liotta wear golden Day Dates.

True, while there may be a very thin line between tasteful and tasteless when talking about gold Rolex replicas, it’s ultimately up to you to decide where you draw it. For example, mine is a Daytona rainbow replica. Again, not judging, my dad ordered one which ended up on my girlfriend’s wrist (not this one).

Daytona Rainbow Replica Yellow Gold Wristshot

Daytona Rainbow Replica On The Wrist

I’m also not afraid of being called out, by the way, even if it doesn’t work like the gen – take the Yacht Master 2 replica for example which, as far as I’m aware, none has the working Regatta Chronograph. If I like a watch, I wear it. End of story. That being said, here are a few of my favorite ones.

Gold GMT Master II

Fake GMT Master II In The Box

Rolex GMT Master II Replica – Green Dial, Yellow Gold

The GMT Master II is one of my favorite Rolex replicas, be it stainless steel, gold, two tone, you name it. It’s an beauty no doubt about it, a classic design and what I like about it is that compared to the Sub, you can keep track of a second time zone. I love the contrast between the all gold case, black bezel and green dial. It houses a reliable Japanese self-winding movement which never has never let me down and I have it for almost two years now.

To get a better picture, here’s the video review.

Gold Submariner

Fake Submariner Rolex Full Yellow Gold

Rolex Submariner Replica – Yellow Gold Black Dial

This baby is a killer! I don’t know what it is about black and gold, but they look incredible side by side. I guess the magnification could be a little better, but I can’t really complain. The original costs about 25K so I’m pretty happy with mine. The movement is reliable, not noisy at all and the plating didn’t fade away till now.

Gold Daytona

Here are two of my favorite Daytonas. First, a yellow gold, white dial model which although not as striking as the Sub above, still is impressive. It’s nice and heavy on the wrist and above all, not too flashy considering it’s all yellow gold.

Fake Daytona Rolex - Full Yellow Gold

Rolex Daytona Replica – Yellow Gold, White Dial

The second Daytona is only partially golden, having a black leather strap and a black bezel. Yellow gold and black do give an awesome contrast, but rose gold doesn’t fall much behind, especially with this kind of crisp chocolate dial. Certainly one of my favorites, so feel free to check out the full review here.

Fake Rolex Daytona Rose GOld Chocolate Dial

Rolex Daytona Replica – Rose Gold, Black Leather Strap

Gold Day Date

And lastly, but not least, a watch that originally comes made only of precious metals, the Day Date. Keep in mind that Rolex, despite its image, is considered to be one of the most conservative brands in watchmaking, so if they think it’s alright to make a watch out of solid gold, I think it’s alright to wear it. Even with that blinged out hour markers. On the right occasion, this baby will fit perfectly.

Full GOld Rolex Replica Day Date

Rolex Day Date Replica – Yellow Gold, Champagne Dial

Full Gold Rolex Replicas – The Fold

I think the most important thing aspect of sporting anything that’s a bit flashy or whatever you want to call is to wear it with confidence. As in all walks all life, you’ll see a lot of prejudice so ultimately, if you feel good, that should be enough. As long as you’re not ostentatious and stand out too much, you’ll be fine, trust me on that. If you like gold, rose gold, stainless steel, two tone, even blinged out Rolex replicas, go ahead and put them on the wrist. People got away with much worse than that.

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