Montblanc Replica Pen – Gift Review

It’s starting to look like my dad is becoming an avid promoter of high-end replica gifts. I hope you’re catching on the family sarcasm as we’re all kinda giving him a hard time about this just to keep his “passion” at a reasonable level.

Perfect Gift Montblanc Replica Pen Review

We’re men and we all like good looking toys and accessories like replica pens, replica watches, replica cufflinks, replica jewelry as long as they are good quality and they look good. At least this is my dad’s theory and I cannot really disagree with him looking at the circumstances in which I’m writing this article…

Montblanc replica pen

Montblanc pen

I don’t really want to get into too many details regarding this Montblanc replica pen and I’d like to just simply show it to you and spice up a bit the articles on my blog. My dad just got this for one of his brothers as a birthday gift because he really liked the impact that the Cartier replica cufflinks I reviewed exactly one month ago had on my uncle’s friend. What can I say, pen looks good and for my untrained eyes in this matter and I would not look at it as a fake.

Maybe because I’m not really used to seeing fake Montblanc pens or too many original Montblanc pens for that matter either. It’s a good quality pen and I think that’s a really cool gift for someone who enjoys this type of accessories. The originals are expensive I know and this one comes with a case and a booklet and all the engravings inside and out. Montblanc logo on the top of the cap and Montblanc engravings around the top of the cap pretty much do it for me.

I’m sure that my uncle will like it and that he’ll be a little surprised by my dad with this and I’m really curious what will the feedback will be after he uses it. I really don’t see anyone in my family buying a $400 or higher Montblanc real pen anytime soon but they will surely go for a fake Montblanc pen for less than a quarter of that price when it comes to making a nice gift. Check out some more pics and feel free to give me your thoughts and expertise in this matter.

replica Montblanc pen Overview

Montblanc pen Overview

fake Montblanc pen Front View

Montblanc pen Front View

Montblanc fake pen Zoom

Montblanc pen Zoom